Filthy Gorgeous // Netherkirkgate, Aberdeen

It was date night which meant it was time to get a little filthy... and by filthy I mean heading down to Filthy Gorgeous and stuffing our faces with proper comfort food! If you don't know where this little hidden gem is then it's down behind marks and spencer's collect by car or in other words down at the Netherkirkgate right next door to Linton & Mac!

When the lovely manager, Murray Tavendale at Filthy Gorgeous asked me to pop on in to try the updated menu then I instantly said yes! Me and Euan haven't been to Filthy in some time so we thought it was a perfect excuse for a post holiday date night and to see what's all changed.   

Now I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda over the whole burger hype! Burgers used to be my ultimate favourite thing and I went through a stage of being totally obsessed with them but for some reason I think I just got a little bored and fed up of everywhere doing the exact same thing but every so often I get this urge to just grab a big juicy burger and stuff it right into my face and oh boy did Filthy satisfy that urge! 

I'm a sucker for anything Cherry flavoured and any drink that involves Candyfloss so I  kicked things off with a Candyfloss Martini. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't come with a mound of Candyfloss around the side (sort it out filthy, just think of the Insta photos!) but it sure did taste like Candyfloss! 

When I knew we were heading to filthy I was praying that they hadn't gotten rid of the amazing Sweet potato, bacon and marshmallow fries because these are honestly the bomb! It sounds weird and it is a bit strange but boy oh boy they are delicious! Now for the burgers! These are actually awesome, they are super juicy and not over cooked and the options to pick between has an choice for everyone! I went for the Breakfast Club with added blue cheese, this came with a perfectly cooked fried egg, bacon, hash brown and the usual lettuce/tomato combo! Euan opted for the Mr Big which consisted of 2 x 3oz patties, bacon, swiss cheese, baconaise, lettuce, tomato, onion and WOW it was massive! I mean checks it next to Euan's massive heed! 

The food at Filthy Gorgeous is great and it's definitely a hidden little gem which needs a lot more of a hype than I feel it gets. So next time you are thinking on heading out for burgers or heading along to the likes of TGIF's give this place a try, you most certainly won't be left disappointed and your wallet won't be either as it's great value for money! 


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