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There's only one place I want to make sure I eat at whenever I head down to Edinburgh, and that's at The Scran & Scallie. So why not finally get round to starting my food blog by kicking it off with one of my top foodie spots!

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When I knew we were heading down to visit Edinburgh for a couple of days I knew I had to get us a table. I enrolled my dads cousin Jennifer and her husband Roddy to make sure that we got a space. Roddy and Jennifer own Gifted which is located just up the road from the restaurant and they are both regulars here at The Scran & Scallie so I knew they would be able to call and get us a table. If you are going to visit I do recommend phoning to make a reservation as it can be super busy especially on a Friday/Saturday. 

The Scran & Scallie is located in New Town, Stockbridge and it's most definitely one of my favourite restaurants. The Scran & Scallie (which means Food & Scallywag) is a collaboration between two of Scotland's top chefs, Michelin star Tom Kitchin of The Kitchen and Dominic Jack chef-patron at Castle Terrace. These two have joined together to bring menus which are full of fresh, home-cooked dishes which use lots of quality, seasonal and locally sourced produce. 

With it's scrubbed brick walls, tartan upholstery and exposed lightbulbs this place really does have some character along with it's bleached antlers, fireplace and blankets thrown over chairs it's feels both modern and cosy/traditional at the same time. 

This place has something on the menu for everyone from classics such as Fish & Chips and a Highland beef burger to Roast bone marrow and Oysters. Now most of you are probably thinking 'wait what's Euan going to eat' and for those of you who don't know who Euan is well he's my other half and for me being such a foodie, well I have chosen to spend my life eating with possibly the most fussiest person on this planet (however he is getting better with age) but from visiting here before I knew there was a few options on the menu that he would eat and enjoy.

The nibbles you receive on the table are truly awesome and generous! A sack of fine bread, root veg crisps and a bucket of pork scratching and pigs' ears which are shredded and baked until golden and crispy. These are awesome! However they are also very noisy and sitting with a dental assistant, crunching away on these in his ears probably wasn't the best for my teeth but they are totally worth the possibility of loosing a tooth over. 

I didn't know what I was going to pick to start with as I honestly wanted to order everything on the menu. I had my eye on the special of octopus carpaccio, mussels, squat lobster and a thai dressing however I am not one for spicy food and knowing that It had a thai dressing and spotting photos before our visit on Instagram I noticed that this dish had fresh chillies involved. I asked our waiter if it was spicy and he informed me that it wasn't too bad at all. So with his recommendation that's exactly what I went for...

This dish seemed to arrive to the table and disappear within minutes (of course after getting photos for social media). It was beautiful and full of so much flavour! Like the waiter had said, It wasn't too spicy at all! Just fresh and bursting with citrusy sweet/sour flavours. I'd head back just to have this again maybe as a main course size? I don't even know If that's possible but I do hope so! The other three on the table all choose the same and opted for the Roe deer sausage roll and rhubarb which disappeared just as quick as mines. 

With the Roe deer sausage roll being my second choice for starters I decided to pick the Roe deer special for my main. Roe deer wellington with parsnip and kale to be exact. I have never eaten roe deer before so I wasn't too sure what to expect with this dish but wow it was packed with a deep meaty flavour. There was layers of mushroom and bacon between the roe deer and the pastry and it was cooked medium in the middle adding to all the different colours on the plate. It again was delicious, would I pick it again? Probably not but that's not down to there being anything wrong with the dish that's down to me wanting to try as much as I can off the menu every time I visit. 

I thought Euan was going to pick The Scran & Scallie steak pie or Highland beef burger for his main but he didn't, instead he went for the Homemade beef sausages and mash. This came with two massive crispy onions and heaps of gravy. And he most definitely enjoyed it as his plate was basically scraped clean! 

Did we all have room for desert? Of course not! But I most certainly did and I opted to share a pudding with Jennifer while the men choose a liquid desert in the form of Tam Yung Martini's! These are made with Havana 3 rum and Koko Kanu which is shaken with red chilli, fresh ginger, lemongrass, gomme & fresh lime juice! It's got a little kick but it's super refreshing! Myself and Jennifer choose the lemon panna cotta which was served with rhubarb sorbet, poached rhubarb & orange then finished with rhubarb Consomm√©. It was lovely and light and just what I needed after such a heavy/hearty main course. 

The service here is great! The staff are super attentive and friendly and you have no problem getting there attention despite a packed dining room. Even on a Wednesday night the place was busy! I'm always super impressed with the standard of food that comes out of the kitchen here and they totally make the most of all the excellent and local ingredients available near by. It's not overly priced either for the quality of the food from it's Michelin star owners! If you do pop in for a visit the next time your down in Edinburgh, then please let me know! 

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